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Dr. Runge's children went to St. John's, and she truly attributes her children's success to their time here. She says that St. John's set a solid foundation for them, gave them a sense of community, and makes learning fun.
Mrs. Donohue's son went to St. John's, and was a transfer from public school in the third grade. She tells of how he thrived here and is now a successful middle schooler thanks to the safe environment, and caring staff.
St. John's alum Wyatt from the class of 2014 tells of how he felt very prepared for middle school. 

"We love St. John's Parish Day School! We've been a part of the SJPDS Family for 5 years now. Our daughter started in the transitional kindergarten program and our son in the 3s program. They are now in the 4th and 2nd grade and are truly thriving. The teachers and specialists at SJPDS are top quality and are always eager to find new and challenging ways to engage our children. If you are looking for a supportive community to teach and nurture your children, look no further!"

-- Dr. Stangl, Current Parent, Annual Fund Committee Chair

"My son has been attending SJPDS since Kindergarten and currently in 5th grade. He absolutely loves it and wishes there was a Middle school! We've seen him grow and thrive over the years at SJPDS. He's challenged to help him reach his potential. The small class sizes really allow the Teachers to get to know each child and work closely work with them. I would highly recommend the school."

-- Mrs Majano, Current Parent

"I am part of the second graduating class at St.John's and I can very much say that St.John's has helped morph who I am as a young adult. Even after graduation, I still attend church here, as well as being an employee in the aftercare program. All of the faculty and staff are warm and inviting, and truly there to nurture your child's learning experience. This is by a long run one of the best private elementary education institutions in Maryland."

--Miss Richardson, St. John’s Alum

“I love the fact that not only is my daughter getting an awesome education but she is learning how to be the best person she can be and a leader to the community. This school knows how to build leaders and children who will impact the world.”


--- Nancy Hulsman, Current Parent

"From the moment the St. John's students opened the door for us at Open House, we knew we had made the right choice. The kindness, love, and thirst for knowledge extending throughout the hallways is extraordinary. Our children have been given an incredible foundation for their future that coincides with our fundamental beliefs for them to lead happy and successful lives."

--- Jillian Tullock, Current Parent

"My oldest is about to graduate from high school now.  Thanks to St. John's he was reading at age 4 and off to a great start. He's now going to play baseball on scholarship at Wilmington University."
--- D'Alonzo Family, Past Parents
Sending our daughter to Transitional Kindergarten (TK) was one of the best decisions my husband and I could have made for her. She is on the “younger” side (August birthday) compared to her peers in her class for the past 2 years (3’s and 4’s class).  We were definitely able to see how only a couple months difference in age can make a big difference with academic and emotional development.  We debated sending our daughter to TK.  We did our research regarding what is offered in TK vs. kindergarten.  We met with the TK teachers as well as spoke with past parents of students who attended TK. Everyone we spoke with said “You will never regret giving your daughter this extra year.  It really is a gift you can give her.”  We found that TK seemed to offer a “combined” curriculum on information learned in the 4’s class and building on that, while also introducing some new information that is also offered in kindergarten.  This extra year would give our daughter that time to build on her skills and increase her confidence with her academic abilities as well as her confidence within herself.  We have seen our daughter flourish in TK not only academically but also with her overall confidence.   An extra bonus is the great friends she has met! Sending our daughter to TK has allowed her to really gain the confidence within herself and her abilities in the classroom.  As parents, we would highly recommend sending your child to TK!

- Lauren Morley (Current Parent 2018)

Ms. Montanti made the conference feel like it was ours. She opened it up to me and together we navigated through Olivia's strengths and areas for growth. I really felt like she knew my child not only academically but as a whole child. I have retooled my own professional vision on the belief that the the social emotional piece is just as critical for a child to succeed. St. John's has a community that is family and we realize how lucky we are to be a part of that.
My husband and I have no doubts about the future of St. John's in our family. We are eagerly awaiting the fall of 2019 for the addition of our son, Max to join the threes program.
Thank you for all yo do to "foster the spark" and that sense of community that is very special indeed.
-Priscilla Sinon (current parent 2018)