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Tuition & Financial Assistance

Tuition for 2018–2019 School Year by Program

Includes all Activity & Curriculum Fees

Early Childhood Tuition

Extended Day 

1:00 - 3:00 PM

Application Fee

Application Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

$75 (non-refundable)


Classes for Three-Year-Olds

Partial Day (9:00 AM-1:00 PM)


2-Day Three-Year-Old (Tue/Thu)







3-Day Three-Year-Old (M/W/F)



5-Day Three-Year-Old (Mon-Fri)



Classes for Four-Year-Olds

Partial Day (9:00 AM-1:00 PM)


5-Partial Day Four-Year-Old






Full Day (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)


3-Full Day Four-Year-Old (M/W/F)          


5-Full Day Four-Year-Old (Mon-Fri)











Transitional Kindergarten (Mon-Fri) 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM 



Before & After Care programs available. Before Care operates from 7:00 - 9:00 AM and After Care from 3:00 - 6:00 PM for Early Childhood students. Varies in cost according to the number of days used and is in addition to tuition.

After School Enrichment programs vary in cost by activity selected and are in addition to tuition.

Tuition Insurance is required for all programs if a multiple payment plan is selected.  Tuition insurance is not required, but is recommended, if tuition is paid in a single payment. 

 Lower School Tuition

Application Fee 

Application Form 

Credit Card Authorization Form

$75 (non-refundable)



Grade 1 – Grade 4


Grade 5

$14,775 (Includes Echo Hill Trip)

Before & After Care programs available.  Before Care operates from 7:00 - 8:30 AM and After Care from 3:30 - 6:00 PM for Lower School students.  Varies in cost according to number of days used and is in addition to tuition. After School Enrichment programs vary in cost by activity selected and are in addition to tuition. Tuition Insurance is required for all programs if a multiple payment plan is selected.  Tuition insurance is not required, but is recommended, if tuition is paid in a single payment.


You Can Afford St. John’s Parish Day School!

We understand that a private school education is both a sacrifice and a gift. Parents who chose St. John’s make an intentional decision to invest in their children while they are young. We are committed to keeping tuition as affordable as possible for all our families.

Ours is a need-blind admission program.  For this reason, the School has established a well-funded financial aid program, and scholarships, to support families who need assistance with tuition costs.  Subject to budget considerations in any given year, the School will attempt to meet the demonstrated need of all students admitted to the School. Except in unusual cases, the School will ask all families to pay some amount towards the student's tuition.  We offer the following financing options.

Option One:  Apply for Financial Assistance 

Financial assistance awards are a grant from the School and do not require repayment. More information regarding sign up for financial assistance and questions can be found by clicking here

Option Two:  Various Tuition Payment Plans

St. John's families can pay their tuition in full by June 1. We realize this is not always financially feasible. For this reason, we offer a low-interest payment plan. Options for payment include:

  1. Prepayment of the full year's tuition - 100% by June 1.
  2. Three installments - due June 1st, September 1st and December 1st (a one-time service fee of $125 for this plan).
  3. Ten installments - due the 1st of each month starting in June 2018 and ending in March 2019 (a one-time service fee of $150 for this plan).


Tuition Insurance


All parents who return a signed enrollment contract must honor the contract obligation.  Parents who are not using Options 1 above are required to buy tuition insurance.  St. John’s has an agreement with the underwriter Dewar, Inc., and the annual premium is relatively inexpensive ranging from $60 - $200 depending on the cost of tuition.  Tuition insurance protects both the School and a family in case the family cannot finish paying for tuition, must move away, or other exigencies and emergencies arise.  Users of Options 1 may of course buy tuition insurance if they wish.



Please be assured that the status of applications for admission and financial aid are filed in the strictest confidentiality.  A family's financial situation is known only by the administrators of the School's financial aid program. Billing processes throughout the School are designed to keep a family's financial circumstances confidential.


In Case Funding Becomes Limited


In the event that budget considerations intrude into the School’s commitment to offer tuition assistance to all families that need it, the School has established the following guidelines in order to prioritize our financial aid and tuition assistance:


  1. Returning students on financial assistance;
  2. Returning students applying for financial assistance for the first time;
  3. New students requiring financial assistance, with a priority towards Lower School applicants; and,
  4. Families that submit financial assistance applications late.


Questions: Please call our Admissions Office at 410-465-7644, ext.419 with any questions or concerns.