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Headmaster's Welcome

We welcome you to St. John’s Parish Day School and heartily invite you to come see our school in person. We would love to show you around our splendid facilities and campus and introduce you to our wonderful staff, teachers and students. 
Chances are you are a parent looking for the best educational opportunity you can find for your children. We invite you to experience the difference we offer at our school. St. John’s Parish Day School is a mission-driven, board-directed independent school. In a nutshell, our Mission is to educate the whole person to excellence, nurturing each child’s full potential. St. John’s is accredited by the prestigious Association of Independent Maryland Schools which holds us accountable to the highest academic standards and much more. 
St. John’s is far more than an academic institution. We are a focused, happy community of students, teachers, and parents dedicated to fostering the spark in each child and developing maturing persons who are strong in every aspect of what it means to be a human being: the soul no less than the mind, the body no less than the mind and soul. With every individual student we are aiming very high here at SJPDS, and I believe we achieve on most days the proper balance between nurture and rigor! As C.S. Lewis famously put it: “Aim for Heaven and you get earth thrown in; aim for earth and you get neither.”

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We’re proud of our school, and we like to talk about it! Contact our Director of Admissions to schedule a tour today and see why so many families choose St. John’s!

I hope to meet you very soon!

The Reverend W.L. “Chip” Prehn, Ph.D.
Interim Headmaster

A Note to Prospective Parents

“What we want today is real learning, learning that will help us see the world anew and

show us that there could be more to our lives than we had thought.”

Mark Edmonson, University of Virginia


Why should you enroll your children at St. John’s Parish Day School?  Let me count the reasons. I can tell you that classroom practice in the School is state-of-the-art.  And St. John’s graduates demonstrate that they have an edge. This year, every Fifth Grader who applied to McDonogh, Glenelg, and other selective schools was admitted. Our graduates are also gaining the programs they want in Howard, Baltimore, and other county schools.  Here are other benefits I guarantee you’ll get at the Parish Day School:


  • Small class size.  Your child will not get lost in the shuffle.
  • A school where childhood is cherished, honored, and celebrated.
  • Experienced Teachers who understand that every child is gifted, has talents, and different students have different ways of learning.
  • Membership in a historic scholastic fellowship (founded 52 years ago) filled with motivated, intellectually curious, and friendly students and caring, accomplished adults.
  • An intentionally diverse community wherein students are prepared in many different ways for the world the way it is and for the world the way it ought to be.
  • Great relationships between Parents and Teachers, who work as a team to educate the whole child as individuals with particular personalities, bents, gifts, and needs.
  • A Faculty where the growth-mindset is fully embraced and recognition of multiple intelligences is put into daily practice.
  • Daily Chapel wherein God revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ is confidently and intelligently proclaimed by one of the most gifted School Chaplains in the country.
  • Service learning opportunities and field trips throughout the year.  Our students care for all.
  • Enrichment classes for every student every week:  physical education, science projects, introductory music, choir, violin (great for brain formation), studio arts, and Spanish.
  • A wonderful Parent Corps coming from many different backgrounds; friendly and interesting people who are motivated to give their children the best education available.


Chip Prehn, Headmaster