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Walk for Wamunyu

Thank you to everyone for a successful Walk for Wamunyu 2019!
Every year the students at SJPDS participate in the Walk for Wamunyu, a walk-a-thon on campus to help raise money for our pen pals in Kenya, specifically the Mbaikini School and the Mbaikini Special Needs School. 

The money raised has helped fund for a water storage tower, chicken coops, and furniture; help build and outfit a community center including a technology lab; and purchase headphones for the Learning Resource Center, fund computer classes for students at our sister school, Mbaikini Primary, as well as size-able donations to the purchase of a school bus. 
Through pen pal letters to Kenya and other fund raising activities our children have seen first hand that they can make a difference in the world.  We have also sent several staff to Wamunyu as part of the Kenya Connect Delegations in the past few years.  This partnership with the Mbaikini School is a tangible display of our commitment to one of our Five Gifts: "Development of confident and respectful citizens connected to our local and global communities."
Contact Mrs. Tami Cramer for more information.
Walk for Wamunyu Schedule 2019: to be added.

Monday, January 28

Location: ASH/AUD

LS classes will “walk” for 30 minutes; EC classes will “walk” for 15 minutes.

No EC PE classes; No EC Chapel


Time LS Class EC Class
9:15 TBD TBD
9:30 TBD  
9:45 TBD TBD
10:00 TBD  
10:15 TBD TBD
10:30 TBD  
10:45 TBD TBD
11:00 TBD  
11:15 TBD TBD
11:30 TBD  
11:45 TBD TBD