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2nd Grade

In 2nd Grade, we encourage students to take a front seat in the learning process. The teacher facilitates learning experiences in which the children are encouraged to work independently, take on more responsibility, and grow both academically and developmentally. Students are challenged to reach new heights in all subject areas. We dig deeper into the mechanics of reading and writing. Children read with a purpose, predict outcomes, and study the main idea of a story. Students continue to develop a strong number sense as they begin more challenging calculations. They learn new problem-solving skills and complete real-world math activities.

2nd Grade Curricular Highlights 
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Crafting Questions to Respond to Text While Reading
  • Use of Nonfiction Text Features
  • Identifying and Responding to Story Elements
  • Addition & Subtraction with and without Regrouping
  • Modeling a Variety of Ways to Solve Problems
  • Paragraph Composition
  • Map Skills
  • United States Monuments
  • Study of Native Americans with Native American Presentation