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1st Grade

Our 1st Grade teaching team believes in giving children the opportunity to learn at their own level. We work to meet each child where they are on the learning curve.

Expanding upon what the children learned in Kindergarten, we engage all students in meaningful, hands-on activities that serve as building blocks for future learning. This year we begin to develop a love for reading and writing. Children are immersed in all literature genres, so they grow to become life-long readers and writers. Students use a variety of math tools and manipulatives to discover exciting real-world math concepts.

1st Grade Curricular Highlights 
  • Learning to Problem-Solve Independently
  • Dynamics of Working in Cooperative Groups
  • Base Ten & Number Bonds
  • Addition & Subtraction Strategies
  • Geometry & Measurement
  • Writing Complete Sentences with Proper Punctuation
  • Phonological Awareness & Application
  • Parts of Speech
  • Past & Present Timelines
  • Diverse Communities and Cultural Traditions
  • Ancient Studies
  • Dinosaurs