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Why We Give

"I am part of the second graduating class at St.John's and I can very much say that St.John's has helped who I am as a young adult.  All of the faculty and staff are warm and inviting, and truly there to nurture your child's learning experience. This is by a long run one of the best private elementary education institutions in Maryland." -- Hannah Grace Richardson
We believe there is a spark within every child. It is our job as teachers, administrators, family and community leaders to foster that spark - nurture it, fuel it and be the catalyst for a lifelong love of learning. 
Parents who chose St. John’s make an intentional decision to provide their children with the finest education possible while they are young. They know that our students are well prepared academically to attend the best middle schools as well as meet the challenges of college and beyond.  

Supporting SJPDS

We are committed to sustaining our mission of educating children with a stimulating and challenging curriculum while fostering spiritual grounding in the Episcopal tradition. We nurture our students so that they will become young men and women destined to be strong, independent thinkers and people of character. Your contributions to SJPDS provide essential funding to help us advance our mission to foster the spark in every child.

Your generous donations to our school helps to
  • Bridge the gap between the tuition charged for each student and the actual cost to educate each student in the school
  • Attract and retain the best quality teachers
  • Expand our academic programs and classroom resources
  • Make scholarships accessible to our students
  • Upgrade technology for our students
  • Help us plan for the future and fulfill our mission
There are many ways to give. We value gifts of every level and 100% participation is always our goal! Contributions are fully tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. Donors receive recognition for their donations.

To learn more about giving back, read the AIMS In Support of Education brochure