We are thrilled to be back on campus! Our students are engaging in-person, virtual, or hybrid learning.

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Virtual Learning Program

St. John's Parish Day School provides exemplary continuity of learning with our purposefully planned curriculum delivered through innovative instructional strategies allowing our students to continue to learn and grow remotely.

St. John's shifted to Distance Learning for all grade levels during the time of campus closure due to COVID-19. We are thrilled to be back on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year and have enhanced our health and safety measures. Our students are engaging in one of our three learning options: in-person, virtual, or hybrid instruction.

We continue to provide a meaningful curriculum that is a continuation of our lessons, along with easy to implement learning tools. We treasure our spirit of community and make every effort to engage students, inspire learning, and provide the connection to friends and teachers that is so important during this time of social distancing. Take a look at what Virtual Learning looks like at St. John's.

student learning
  • Through live streaming, students will interact with teachers and classmates in real-time on a daily basis, participating in activities, assessments, and learning, in the closest approximation to the magic of in-class learning as possible.

  • Students will experience the same on-campus daily schedule, including breaks and lunch (away from their electronics), allowing for a typical St. John’s day as a remote learner.

  • Hybrid model students will start their school day with in-person learning then continue with virtual learning in the afternoon while at home. Exceptions may occur as classes move to specials or outdoor learning activities.

  • Lower School uses Google Classroom as the main hub for sharing instruction, assignments, schedules, and will use Google Meets for live streaming plus various EdTech tools to enhance learning. Students are trained on how to navigate Google Classroom for themselves.

  • Early childhood uses SeeSaw as the main hub for sharing instruction, assignments, schedules, and use Zoom for live streaming plus various EdTech tools to enhance learning.

  • As needed, teachers will have one-on-one check-ins with remote learners and supply lesson packets for pick-up.

  • Unless ill, all hybrid/remote learners are expected to actively participate in their respective classes throughout the day. All typical rules regarding attendance and behavior apply. Lower School students working virtually must wear their school uniforms.

  • Any students temporarily learning from home will immediately engage in the virtual learning model until they are cleared to safely return to campus.
 Our students and educators engaging in Virtual Learning in spring and fall 2020
Parent Reviews on Distance Learning

At the completion of our first month of Distance Learning in Spring 2020, we surveyed parents for feedback and learned that while a few are still adjusting, most are managing and learning how to work sustainably. We appreciate the parents' commitment, flexibility, and partnership to navigate this new learning environment. We have received very positive feedback from parents on our Distance Learning Program.
"The Distance Learning Program from St. John's has been a good balance of providing resources and materials without overwhelming families. We like how parents are being provided with just enough schoolwork to fulfill academic requirements in a manageable way. I also appreciate how responsive and understanding the teachers have been with this whole situation." - Early Childhood Parent
"The daily zoom meetings and periodic specialist zooms have kept us feeling connected. I also appreciate the week's assignments being broken down by day. It doesn't feel overwhelming when it's laid out in that manner. This also helps my child take responsibility for completing their work. We've been impressed overall with the transition to distance learning." - Third Grade Parent
"We have felt so connected to SJPDS during this time of remote learning and social distancing. The communication from faculty has been fantastic. I can't say enough great things! I feel that there's a great variety of activities that we receive each week and we look forward to receiving the emails. I really appreciate that the activities that Mrs. Boarman sends are realistic for us to do in the home environment and involve materials and supplies that we're likely to have on hand. My daughter and I have really enjoyed completing the activities and projects together and she's been really excited and proud to do her school work. I also really appreciate that everyone seems to recognize that we're all just doing our best. " - Early Childhood Parent
"Since this pandemic, we have come to appreciate you all even more. As a mom who is juggling 3 different schools with distance learning you all have by far exceeded them all. When parents have asked how it's going I have told them SJPDS should be the model for them all!! We are truly proud to be a part of this community even if it has only been for a short time!!" - Fifth Grade Parent
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