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At St. John’s, Kindergarteners learn through multisensory hands-on activities. Playing purposeful games in areas such as Language Arts and Math allow students to acquire academic as well as social skills. They learn to work as a team towards a common goal developing strategies to express their emotions, build friendships, solve mathematical problems, and build upon their reading skills.

Small class sizes and flexible learning groups give teachers ample opportunities to get to know and meet the needs of each individual child, stretching them to their full potential.  

Kindergarten Curricular Highlights
  • School Routines
  • Learning to Work with a partner or in a group
  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
  • Whole Word Awareness
  • Concepts of Print
  • Verbally Articulating Ideas in Complete Sentences
  • Labeled Drawings
  • Write Lists
  • Rules, Rights, and Responsibilities of Global Citizens
  • American Symbols
  • Cultures and Regions Around the World
  • Properties of Matter
  • Living vs. Non-Living
  • Weather and Seasons