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Learning Specialist


 The primary role of the learning specialist is to provide support to students who may need additional reinforcement, reteaching, practice, and encouragement.


It is the role of the Learning Specialist to review outside psychological-educational evaluations, Speech-Language evaluations, Occupational Therapy evaluations, and any other service-provider evaluations. The Learning Specialist then develops an Action Plan for SJPDS which includes recommendations and accommodations to help support the student.


The Learning Specialist may assist a student (or group of students) by plugging into a reading or math class, by pulling students in small groups for extra help, by meeting with students 1:1 for reading, comprehension, or math skills, or by delivering a phonics intervention program for early literacy.


It is also the job of the Learning Specialist to work closely with lower school teachers, and parents, to come up with goals, strategies, and resources to positively impact each student’s academic progress. The Learning Specialist communicates regularly with parents via email, phone, or in-person to share input for a student’s continued success. 

Mrs. Sally Rogers
Lower School
Learning Specialist
B.A Duquesne University
Towson University, Continuing Education
Advanced Professional Certificate- State of Maryland for Special Education and General Education
10 Years Special Education Experience