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Specials Highlights:

Transitional Kindergarten
Creative expression through literature inspired art using various mediums.
Foster a basic understanding of art concepts - learn about four artists and their mediums, art vocabulary and basic drawing skills.
First Grade
Expand on art knowledge - explore and create Aboriginal art and Australian animals.
Second Grade
Expand on art knowledge - explore and create using varied and more complex media, Native American Art and a Native American  Art Museum.
Third Grade
Expand on art knowledge and integrate observation skills. Create African masks and butterfly art.
Fourth Grade
Obtain knowledge of folk art forms, figure drawing and cartooning. Complete a landscape painting and solar system project.
Fifth Grade
Explore American artists from Colonial times to present day. Introduce one-point perspective, urban/rural landscape and stylized art.
Above Teacher:
Mrs. Jackie Rose 
Lower School Art 
Below Teacher:
Mrs. Nicole Dutra
Early Childhood Art