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4’s Program

Our Four-Year-Old Curriculum Focuses On:
  • Language development with a focus on making connections between printed words and their representation in the world.
  • Alphabet reinforcement and focus on the sounds the letters make using alphabet charts, games, poems, songs, rhyme and movement.
  • Introduction of Handwriting Without Tears, a program developed by Jan Olsen, allowing children to use a developmental sequesnces for drawing shapes, forming pre-strokes, and writing letters and numbers.
  • Fine motor skills through learning how to properly hold pencils, finger painting, activities involving both hands and legs like balance beam, swinging and throwing/catching a ball.
  • Learning to write upper and lowercase letters and numbers.
  • Basic math skills using hands-on activities, increased competence in oral counting and writing numbers, measurement using classroom materials, constructing solid shapes, number operations.
  • Understanding the duration of units of measure through clocks and calendars.
  • Gathering and sharing information through surveys and graphs.
  • Social skills like communicating, sharing and cooperating with others through play and special projects.
  • Recognizing the need for rules and laws in school, the community and the world.
  • Specials for the Five Day Programs include Art, Music, PE, Media, Information Literacy, STEM and Spanish
  • The program includes field trips to Tridelphia Lakeview Farm and Toby's Dinner Theater.
Four Year Old Programs
- 3 Day (M,W & F)
Extended Day 9-3
- 5 Day (M-F) Partial Day 9-1
- 5 Day (M-F) Extended Day 9-3