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3’s Program

Our Three-Year-Old Curriculum Focuses On:
  • Language development with a focus on vocabulary and literacy.
  • Pre-reading development through engaging topics, activity cards, song and rhyme.
  • Confidence through dramatic play, Show & Tell and classroom jobs.
  • Fine motor skills through puzzles, blocks, textures and pouring exercises.
  • Math play and instruction through numeration, measurement, geometry and patterns.
  • Social Studies by learning about our neighborhood, country and world through stories, pictures and conversation.
  • Cultural diversity through cooking, celebration and study of historical figures and events.
  • Emotional, physical and cognitive development
  • Character development by not only teaching our friends how to make friends but also how to be good friends!
  • In-school field trips and performances from Eric Energy and the Baltimore Zoomobile
  • Five Day Program includes Art, Music, Music Lab, STEM, Spanish, Physical Education, and Media
  • Three Day Programs include Music, Physical Education, and Media
Three-Year-Old Programs

Two Day (Tue & Thur) 9-1 Partial Day

Three Day (M,W & F) 9-1 Partial Day

Three Day (M,W & F) 9-3 Extended Day

Five Day (M-F) 9-1 Partial Day 

Five Day (M-F) 9-3 Extended Day