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COVID-19 Information

St. John's Parish Day School is committed to the safety and well-being of our students, families, faculty, and staff. Our COVID-19 Task Force continues to monitor and adapt our safety guidelines and protocols with recommendations from multiple sources: Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, Association of Independent Maryland Schools, Howard County and Maryland Health Departments, and our school Nurses. Please know that our administration, faculty and staff have been and will continue to work tirelessly to safeguard everything special about our St. John's community.
Below you will find our Response Plan and records of COVID-19-related correspondences from St. John's.
Updates to our COVID-19 Response Plan
February 24th, 2022
Thank you to the numerous SJPDS families who filled out our most recent COVID-19 Survey as we evaluate comfort levels within our community. SJPDS has approached this virus with an abundance of caution and knows that this next phase will have challenges as we begin to off-ramp our protocols as safely as possible.
The results of our survey show that the majority of SJPDS families are ready to move to a Parent Choice option for indoor masks (73% Yes and 27% No). 95% are comfortable with no masks outdoors. Additionally, 76% of families are fine with teacher removal of masks in the classroom.
SJPDS will continue to do our utmost to meet the needs of the community as we follow the forward direction of our Governing bodies while following guidelines and reviewing medical and safety protocols thoughtfully. Our COVID-19 Taskforces have approved the Parent Option for masking to begin March 7th. With this relaxing of the mask policy, we strongly encourage all unvaccinated students to continue to wear their masks while indoors. Any family choosing for their child(ren) to not wear a mask must keep a clean mask in their student(s) backpack for any future large group/cohort gatherings (assemblies, Chapel, indoor recess, etc.).
Additionally, we request that families spend time next week (as we will be doing in school) discussing kindness and respect for differing family/student choices and comfort levels. Please inform your child(ren)’s teacher of your choice for student masking by Friday, March 4th. Our faculty will have the option to remove their mask as they are comfortable beginning the week of March 14th.
Please be aware and share with your student(s) that if positivity rates begin to climb at any time above the 5% rate for more than a week or two, we may be required to return to the mask mandate, in the future. Also, we will be following any COVID-19 variants closely. All other protocols for cleaning, quarantining, visitors in the building (masked), and travel will remain until May 1st when we will evaluate the need for possible extensions of these policies. We know this new phase of the pandemic will not be without challenges and concerns. SJPDS remains dedicated to the safety of our community and will continue to be cautious as we monitor our school health and safety and closely watch this extremely challenging virus.
Thank you for all your continued support of our wonderful community!
SJPDS COVID-19 Taskforces
Updates to our COVID-19 Response Plan
February 3rd, 2022
We are so delighted to see the recent decrease in COVID-19 positivity rates in Howard County and surrounding areas! As you know, SJPDS has always proceeded with an abundance of caution, which has afforded us a tremendous amount of success in managing this extremely challenging virus. To date, we have not had any internal spreading of the virus and that is an amazing accomplishment! If numbers continue to decline, we will update our COVID-19 Response Plan over the next few months. Please note: Beginning Monday, Feb 7th, we will reduce our ten-day quarantine time for positive cases to seven days with a negative antigen test.
We have recently received questions about our mask policy following Howard County Executive Calvin Ball's recent rescinding of the area mask mandate. At this time, SJPDS will not change our indoor mask policy as our governing bodies continue to mandate a mask policy for all students and staff. We will continue to review the policy as our governing bodies dictate.
Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our community,
SJPDS COVID-19 Taskforces
As part of our health and safety protocols, we require parents to complete a daily health questionnaire
for their child(ren) before arrival at school. This health questionnaire will be completed in our school's "MyMedBot" app, a simple and secure health screening application.
New parents/guardians will receive by email (to their email address listed in FACTS Family Portal), an invitation code and directions on how to download the "MyMedBot" App through the Apps Store or Google Play store. Once you have installed the App, you will use the invitation code to confirm enrollment. Returning families will use the same accounts from last year.
Through the App, you will complete the daily health questionnaire for your child(ren) and receive reminder notifications (if your notifications are enabled). At morning drop-off, you will show the questionnaire confirmation screen to a staff member. Please note that new procedures this year will require you to enter your child(ren)'s temperature within the screening. Please do this before arriving at school for drop-off.
We appreciate your support as we work to ensure the safety and well-being of our community!
At this time, we will be limiting all nonessential visitors to our building during the school day. Tutoring, outside specialists, testing personnel and/or enrichment programs may occur before or after the school day pending approval. Arrival and departure by carline drop-off and pick-up only to avoid additional exposures. Parents will be allowed into the building for preassigned tasks or designated participation/duties only. Please respect personal space and distancing for all, wear a mask and check in with the Main Office.