SJPDS was engaged in Distance Learning for the rest of the 2019-20 school year.

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Farewell Message

The past few days have been a whirlwind of excitement, joy, wonder, and even a little sadness. We started off celebrating our Early Childhood students completing their programs and said farewell to them until next time, then had our Moving Up Ceremony where each grade got to "move up" to the next pew, and we recognized students for their excellent accomplishments in P.E., math, fundraising for charity, and for embodying the kinds of citizens that support our mission as a school. Then students marched through the school as teachers, and staff clapped for them, and parents created a bridge for them to travel through on their way to ASH for a Joyful Dance, all lovely traditions here at St. John's. After that second round of "farewells" for the summer, we had our Fifth Grade Graduation that evening, where in addition to their diplomas, students received their character stones, which are stones that hold one word that the staff feels embodies the best trait of that graduate. It is a wonder to and honor to behold this ceremony. After refreshments, mingling, memory sharing, hugging, and picture taking we watched out fifth graders go off into their new worlds. We will cherish them always, and let them know they will always be welcomed with open arms at St. John's. For now, we bid this 2017-18 school year adieu. Happy Summer one and all! And once more: congratulation to our class of 2018!
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